Shipping Container Backlog

stacked shipping containers

Shipping Container Backlog Persists Shipping Container Backlogs: Thanks to two extremely complicated years in global shipping in 2020 and 2021, the delays in 2022 have become more background noise than breaking news. However, they are far from gone. As we still feel the effects of COVID backlogs, the Ukraine war continues to take its toll, […]

Are Trucking Rates Dropping?

Shanghai Port

Are Rates Coming Down? Are trucking rates dropping – After two years of non-stop delays, disruptions, rate hikes, and, a generally hectic global logistics industry, there are some signs of hope that things may be beginning to normalize. Though there are still problems in the supply chain, today we’ll have a look at some of […]

Shanghai Shutdown Persists

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Shanghai Shutdown – The Lockdowns Continue in China’s Financial Hub As we talked about last week (last week’s post), Shanghai entered a two-phased lockdown early last week which was aimed at stopping the newest wave of COVID-19, brought on by the newest omicron variant. Though half of the city was supposed to end its lockdown […]

Shanghai Shutdowns

Shanghai port

Shanghai Shutdowns – City Shutdown Reduces Cargo Capacity Amid the largest covid wave since the beginning of the pandemic, China’s largest city has entered a two-stage lockdown this week that is aimed at stamping out the current outbreak in the area. Though it only started on Monday, the effects of the lockdown are already being […]

Russia vs Supply Chain

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Russia vs Supply Chain: Global Supply Chain Hard Hit by Putin’s Invasion As we enter the second week of conflict in Ukraine, the effects of the unprovoked attack are beginning to be felt around the world. From economic and political sanctions to transportation limitations caused by the physical conflict, the scope of the impact has […]

Felicity Ace Fire

Felicity Ace Fire

For the last week, a cargo ship carrying thousands of luxury vehicles has been on fire off of the coast of the Azores islands.

Transportation News 2021

Airport numbers 2021

In the first week of 2022, we wanted to take a quick look back at 2021 to recap some of the biggest stories of the year.

West Coast Shipping Problems

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West Coast Shipping Problems Carrots vs Sticks to Move Containers At the two busiest ports in North America, LA and Long Beach, a wide variety of measures are being taken to ease the congestion that has been plaguing the ports for the last few months. In late October the two ports announced that they would be […]