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our services

Nu-Era Logistics Inc. provides domestic shipping solutions coast to coast across Canada, cross border transportation, and worldwide international shipping. We offer a variety of services and custom solutions to match your distribution requirements. We don’t just book your shipment, we manage your consignment. We have a solution that will fit all of your shipping needs.

Global Logistics Services
Nu-Era Logistics Inc., is an independent Global Logistics Provider - a one stop shop for all of your logistics requirements.Our reliable team delivers quick, effective transportation solutions by building our business on 6 pillars:  Passion, Dedication, Reliability, Adaptability, Knowledge & Commitment!We're supported by this belief by taking all shipments seriously.When you need a shipment delivered, domestically or internationally,  you can feel confident knowing that our team will take care of every step until cargo arrives at the final destination.With 24/7 tracking available, along with our agent responses, we cover key global markets;  you can rely on Nu-Era Logistics to be your one source logistics company and a partner in your on-going success.
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North American Logistics Services
Utilize our industry knowledge to reduce costs and strengthen your supply chain network.  Our industry experts will customize your needs and develop a complete comprehensive solution for all your needs.Throughout our history, we have worked customers at every stage in their development.  From Fortune 500 companies right down to local family-run businesses.  It could be as simple as moving a single skid locally or a full truckload to the other side of the country to a full functioning EDI capable warehousing solution.  We work with you to determine what your needs are and implement a cost-effective solution that works with your business and allows you the peace of mind that your shipments are being monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.
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Custom shipping solutions to meet your needs

Your transportation challenge is our opportunity to showcase our logistical expertise. We pride ourselves on providing quick and competitive rate quotes that meet market demands. We work with a number of reputable partner carriers to sustain your expectations even during difficult and peak seasons.

We are here to answer your needs. Never hesitate to contact us with any logistical questions.

We strive to meet your needs enthusiastically and professionally.