International & Domestic Offices

NUERA Logistics now has three locations between the USA and Canada, servicing domestic and international shipments and warehousing. Please direct your inquiry to the appropriate department (be it accounting, cross border shipping or international air cargo) – we’re always readily available and happy to help.

Head Office

231 Shearson Crescent, Suite 206
Cambridge, Ontario
Canada N1T 1J5

  • Accounting
  • Over the Road Shipments
  • Cross Border Shipping
  • Canadian Freight Forwarding

Mississauga Office

6299 Airport Road, Suite 600
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada  L4V 1 N3

  • International Air Cargo
  • International Ocean Freight
  • Special Projects Division

US Office

301 Plainfield Road, Suite 190
Syracuse, New York
United States  13212

  • US Over the Road Shipping
  • US Domestic Shipments
  • US Freight Forwarding

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