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Oversized Freight & Specialty Cargo Solutions – Not all cargo can fit in a regular container or pallet, even when disassembled. At NUERA Projects, our mantra is “If you can build it, we can ship it!”

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If You Can Build It, We Can Ship It.

With contacts and partners in Canada and around the globe, we are capable to perform with high standards of integrity, accountability, and quality.

We work with Air & Ocean carriers, transport operators, packaging suppliers, agents, stevedores, and vessel owners who are:

  • Compliant with relevant domestic and international standards.
  • Maintain a focus on good corporate governance.
  • Share similar values with NUERA in delivering a higher standard of accountability, competitiveness, and service.
Ship Anything

If you can build it, we can ship it. We handle all types of cargo, from small LCL shipments and containers, to large complex units.

Ship Anytime

Our team and partner network works around to clock to ensure timely service, regardless of the time of year and/or destination.

Ship Anywhere

To get cargo to its destination, we can apply all modes of transportation: ship, truck, rail or air.

Keep your shipments on track with NUERA Logistics.

Looking for rail freight and intermodal solutions - we can help!

The NUERA Promise

We handle all types of cargo which can be part of a project, from small LCL shipments and containers, to very large and very heavy complex units. To get the cargo to its destination we can apply all modes of transportation: ship, truck, rail or air using a variety of carriers and partners.

NUERA Logistics is a proud member of BREAKBULK America / Europe / Middle East. If you have questions, we welcome you to find us at industry events.

Surpassing the 3 C's

Comfortable in business relations, timely communication
& Competitive prices.

Our Team of experienced, enthusiastic, and dedicated professionals strives to handle every OOG & Project, whatever the degree of complexity, with care and attention to detail. We provide creative solutions that are adapted to each unique situation.

To ensure successful management of an OOG cargo and project, there must be a sufficient knowledge, capability and flexibility. This we understand at NUERA Logistics and our organization is built to meet exactly these requirements.

Specialty Cargo

OOG Services

Shipping Oversized & Specialty Cargo FAQs

Our Projects Division has gathered some of the most frequently asked questions and comments regarding shipping oversized and specialty cargo.

What is Break Bulk Transportation?

Break Bulk, Breakbulk or Break-bulk is a common method of transporting cargo or goods that do not fit into standard shipping containers. For this reason, goods are stowed individually (as separate pieces) rather than in containers.

What is Project Cargo?

Shipping of complex, heavy-duty, extra large and high-value items. Items are typically deconstructed before loading, to be reassembled later at destination points. Examples include equipment for Mining, Construction, Military etc.

How is Heavy Lift Cargo different than Project Cargo?

Heavy lift cargo involves transporting extremely heavy units, where deconstructing is not feasible. Items can weigh over 100 tons and measure over 100 meters. Special planning is required before transport. Examples include turbines, generators, boilers, satellites etc.

What is OOG Cargo?

OOG (Out-of-Gauge) is any cargo that doesn't fit into a six-sided container. Any items measuring over 12.05 meters long, 2.33 meters wide or 2.59 meters high.