Special Notice: Rail Delays

Railroad tracks diverging

Due to the ongoing problems at CN and CP rail, additional charges may apply for the collection and delivery of equipment. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Climate & Cargo: Road Transport

Climate & Cargo: Road Transport As mentioned in our first climate & cargo blog post, we’re going to be diving into different modes of transportation and facets of the industry that contribute to climate change and the overall sustainability of the global supply chain. This week we’re turning our attention to road transportation and how […]

Are Trucking Rates Dropping?

Shanghai Port

Are Rates Coming Down? Are trucking rates dropping – After two years of non-stop delays, disruptions, rate hikes, and, a generally hectic global logistics industry, there are some signs of hope that things may be beginning to normalize. Though there are still problems in the supply chain, today we’ll have a look at some of […]

Shanghai Lockdown: End in Sight?

Shanghai Lockdown

Shanghai Lockdowns Continue For the Third Week What was supposed to be a strategic staggered lockdown over one week has now ballooned out into an intense, nearly month-long exercise in city-wide shutdowns and daily covid testing. Up to this point, China’s 0 covid policy has been very effective, with the first officially recorded deaths coming […]

CP Rail’s Speedy Strike

Teamsters Canada

CP Rail’s Speedy Strike Ends After Just Two Days Over the last few weeks, you may have heard about an oncoming strike by workers at Canadian Pacific, one of North America’s most important rail carriers. Fears swirled last week as the strike deadline loomed and this newest delay looked poised to become the next week’s […]

Emergency Act vs Trucker Convoy

Trudeau announces Emergencies act

As the federal government invokes its most powerful tool for dealing with Civil unrest, we look at what it means for the protests, for truckers, and for the country at large.

Trucker Protests Expand

Windsor Protest

As the Ottawa and Coutts protests continue, a new protest has begun that threatens to be even more disruptive than the last.

Protests on 18 Wheels – Freedom Convoy 2022

Line of Trucks from Freedom Convoy 2022

Freedom Convoy approaches Ottawa It’s rare that a story will dominate transportation headlines for three weeks in a row. However, because of the Freedom Convoy 2022, here we are again talking about the new driver vaccine mandate at Canada US border. If you’re not caught up with the story you can read about the controversy […]